Sapporo’s Famous Snow Festival (雪祭)

Side viewEvery February, Sapporo holds it’s biggest event: the Snow Festival. Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost prefecture, and is famous for two things: snow and open space. It’s no wonder artists from around the world spend a whole month working on these massive masterpieces of snow. The main stretch of the park had huge snow carvings, one of them was even a life-size replication of a Thai building. Every year the festival attracts millions from around the world to see the amazing creations, then go skiing and enjoy famous Hokkaido food. 

Being the snob who’s been to Hokkaido before, I basically got to spend the weekend taking Becky to all the delicious food shops we’d discovered the first time! Between soup curry (better than it sounds), Genghis-khan (not the Mongolian ruler, but the Korea BBQ lamb), and miso ramen, I just can’t choose my favorite.

It was a short weekend get-away, but a good one. We also took a morning stroll through the Art Park wearing traditional Ainu snowshoes… now that was an experience.

Enjoy the photos!


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