Melbourne, Australia

More visitors! In October, Julie came to visit (remember when she visited me in Japan?). We somehow convinced her to join us on a trip to Melbourne, coincidentally at the same time as PAX Australia! What are the odds?!

This was my first trip to both Melbourne and PAX Australia and I have to admit… It was amazing! The vibe in Melbourne is very different from Sydney. I can see how a rivalry between the cities has developed over the years. Melbourne oozes art and hipster coffee from every laneway, with graffiti adorning nearly every surface along the way. 

We did as any good visitor would do and enjoyed wandering a vast portion of the city, including Collingwood, Fitzroy, Flinder’s Lane, all along the river, and more. Naturally, I had a lovely, early morning run in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden. Fondly named “The Tan,” this running route is so popular that their are timers all along for interval training.

Beautiful, green, vibrant, energetic Melbourne.

Check out the gallery below for a taste of our adventures.


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