Tokyo Disneyland vs. Florida’s Magic Kingdom

In this picture, it almost looks the same as Magic Kingdom!

Last Thursday, a few local friends and I decided to go out for drinks in Koga. Three glasses of wine and one Melon/vodka mix later I found myself agreeing to go to Tokyo Disneyland the following Saturday. Saying that I am a fan of Disney is quite the understatement. Give me some liquor, and apparently my love for Disney knows no bounds (to my wallet’s dismay).

Drinking parties aside, I have a long history with Disney World. You see, being from Orlando, Florida, I’ve been there more times than I can count. Nearly every weekend, in fact. By the time I was eight or nine, I actually complained about going to Disney. Today, I’m a huge fan and regular Disney goer. This was my first visit to Tokyo Disneyland. Continue reading

3 Mistakes and 3 Successes in Sendai

If you’re planning to visit Sendai, this might be worth a look. First off, it should be known that my method of travel is anything but relaxing. I like getting up early, and moving a lot. Mind you, there is nothing more I enjoy than sitting in a coffee shop and people watching in a new town. That said, I try to avoid “stagnating.”  I usually just start going, and see where the day takes me. I like my days to be organic with small goals in mind.

Granted, a word of advice: don’t move too quickly or you’ll miss getting a feel for the city and it’s culture. As much as I like packing my days with activity, I still try to take the time to wander through neighborhoods and back alleys to see what I can find. It’s fine to try and hit all the “big stuff” but also remember to take a moment to chill out and blend into the city life. That’s where the real magic of traveling hides.
Continue reading

Sendai: Down But Not Out

3D map of Sendai City

On (mostly) a whim, I decided to spend more money than I probably should’ve to grab a shinkansen up to Sendai this weekend with Kris, Joey and her siblings. Thanks to a lucky turn of events, I didn’t have school on Friday. So, bright and early, I was off.

Once Kris and I arrived in Sendai, we essentially grabbed some maps of the area and began walking. This is my favorite style of travel. I call it “that-way-looks-good” style. Our feet carried us all over Sendai, most notably down the two famous tree-lined roads, to the castle ruins, and the mausoleum. Continue reading

The Fourth Day in July

Yesterday, as you may know, was the Fourth of July! Of course, it took me by surprise, as I’d nearly forgotten about this American holiday. I was reminded on Sunday by a fellow American. At which time, we also made plans to get together that night for dinner, drinks, and fun with other friends in Koga.

I arrived late, as it was a long day at school, but we enjoyed a delicious homemade dinner of spaghetti (compliments of Carolyn), and followed that up with wine and ice cream bars. It wasn’t long before the idea of buying fireworks came up. Naturally, nearly everyone was interested. Continue reading

Ping Pang Pong

Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had here in Japan, and I didn’t even have to go very far! Kris’ birthday was earlier in June, but his party was last Saturday. He invited many of his ALT friends and Japanese friends. It was a really great mix of cultures with plenty of food and open space to run around in. I have the injuries to prove it.  Continue reading