3 Mistakes and 3 Successes in Sendai

If you’re planning to visit Sendai, this might be worth a look. First off, it should be known that my method of travel is anything but relaxing. I like getting up early, and moving a lot. Mind you, there is nothing more I enjoy than sitting in a coffee shop and people watching in a new town. That said, I try to avoid “stagnating.”  I usually just start going, and see where the day takes me. I like my days to be organic with small goals in mind.

Granted, a word of advice: don’t move too quickly or you’ll miss getting a feel for the city and it’s culture. As much as I like packing my days with activity, I still try to take the time to wander through neighborhoods and back alleys to see what I can find. It’s fine to try and hit all the “big stuff” but also remember to take a moment to chill out and blend into the city life. That’s where the real magic of traveling hides.
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