Things I am Going to Miss

The pin is Sakai-machi, Ibaraki. The city in the south is Tokyo!

This one has been stewing for a while. It’s a list of everything I am going to miss, and then another of things I am looking forward to. But before I get started, I have a bit of news!

For anyone who follows my twitter, Facebook, or has talked to me recently, you will know that I finally got placement! The phone call had to come on a Thursday night when I was just about to go downtown for one last girls night. We were already enjoy hard cider, but luckily, I had barely drank any of mine when a phone call from Japan came through to my cell. I guess I made a face and said a vulgar word before running off with my ringing phone. Later the girls told me that it was either something bad, or I got my placement phone call. Well, the latter was true! I’ll be living in Sakai-machi, Ibaraki. It’s a small town north of Tokyo, and it’s rural enough for me to need a car. That said, it’s exceptionally close to the big city and it’s not rural by American standards, it’s just sparsely populated for Japan. I was secretly hoping for a car, and I wanted to be close to Tokyo. Both of my wishes came true! I can’t wait! Continue reading

Officially Unemployed

My coworker, Dan, with a Skyrim dragon on his head. Get to work, Dan!

Monday was my last day on the job as a Senior Game Advisor at GameStop. It feels so strange to be unemployed after always working at least two jobs. Looking back, it was a pretty fun time. I met a ton of people (some who will certainly be reading this). I’m so glad GameStop decided to hire me on that job hunt than Kay Jewelers or Chik-Fil-A. Not that those are terrible companies, I just love video games. The discount was minimal at GameStop, and most of my paycheck went to the purchase of games, but I always had  a fun time talking to customers about games and being silly at work. Gamers like having fun, and I’m sure it showed if you ever waltzed into our store.

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Your Placement is…. Pending!

Queen's Square and the Cosmo Clock 21 in Yokohama as seen from Google Maps

My company told me not to panic if I didn’t hear about placement until February 14th. Well, it’s now February 16th and still no word. I’m trying not to freak out but it is very, very hard. Everyday, I see people posting on the Facebook group for my company about where they got placed. Of course, most of them are getting placed where I want to be, in Kanagawa-ku. That’s making everything better. I already called to see what was happening, but of course, the answer was “they are behind.” Yes, but I am dying over here.

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German Beers, Vlogs and Nothing but Time

The King's Feast

I’m going to tell you honestly- I was putting off this post because I don’t have a whole lot to say. My life these days has been nothing shy of uneventful. That said, this weekend (aside from going to work) was pretty fun. My dad just finished another trip around the sun, and we decided to celebrate his birthday by going to the Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford. Translation: we went to a noisy, entertaining German beer garden where we ate lots of carbs and drank lots of them too. Continue reading

The Waiting Game

Strawberries at the Winter Park Farmer's Market last Saturday

I put my two-weeks in at my part-time just a few days ago. Now it’s getting serious! People keep asking what day I am leaving and usually their reaction is “Isn’t that in, like, two weeks?!” Yes. Your math is sound. How did this sneak up on anyone? I’m dying over here! It feels like time has stopped.

To pass the time, I’ve been doing a few things. First, as I mentioned before, I’ve been working through Python tutorials. Second, I’ve been working through Mass Effect 2. Third, I’ve been watching the Facebook news feed like they might take it down any day now. I feel uncomfortably close to people I barely know, now. The video-game playing should probably be my priority. Oh, I might want to try drawing one of these days, too. Continue reading

It Has Been Done

Just two days ago, I booked my one-way ticket to Japan.

It was terrifying! But also really enlightening. Not to mention I am glad to have that out of the way. I still haven’t heard where I will be living, but at least I know I am going. When I consider possible outcomes (late placement, no placement), I at least know that a family friend in Yokohama, has offered me an indefinite place to say. Worst case scenario? I stay for three weeks, and buy another one-way ticket back. Of course, I hope it doesn’t come to that. In celebration, I am currently watching Lost in Translation and just finished reading a “Sailor Moon” manga (which makes me feel 10 again, but who cares). “Lip my stocking, Mr. Harris.”


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