Your Placement is…. Pending!

Queen's Square and the Cosmo Clock 21 in Yokohama as seen from Google Maps

My company told me not to panic if I didn’t hear about placement until February 14th. Well, it’s now February 16th and still no word. I’m trying not to freak out but it is very, very hard. Everyday, I see people posting on the Facebook group for my company about where they got placed. Of course, most of them are getting placed where I want to be, in Kanagawa-ku. That’s making everything better. I already called to see what was happening, but of course, the answer was “they are behind.” Yes, but I am dying over here.

It’s actually making it hard to sleep. I know that they could call me any time between the hours of 6pm and 3am, so during those times, my phone never leaves my side and the ringer volume is all the way up. It’s also causing me so much anxiety! I need to know for sure I have somewhere to go. There are a few possible outcomes:

1. I get placed before I leave for San Francisco and it’s fine and dandy.

2. I get told to go to Tokyo for training on the 19th, but I don’t yet have a placement.

3. I’m told there isn’t a place for me and I have to wait until the April training session.

The first two outcomes are fine. If the last one occurs, I don’t know what I am going to do. Of course, I have a place to stay indefinitely in Yokohoma at the graciousness of a family friend, but I don’t want to impose. Not to mention I need to make sure I don’t activate my work Visa too soon. Do you see what I mean? I am loosing my head over here! I’m very worried. Sorry this post wasn’t more fun, but this is all I think about these days. I just want to find out where I will be living next year so I can start Googling pictures of my beautiful home. Of course, with my luck, they will just tell me to not bother ever showing up 😦

I’ll be more upbeat next time, I swear. They are going to call me tonight, I am sure of it.


One thought on “Your Placement is…. Pending!

  1. Caitlin says:

    Relax Jess, you’re going to be fine. The fact that other people are starting to get their assignments means you will get yours soon. Don’t freak out!

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