Hunkering Down

Matcha and ice cream latte

In an effort to shorten my posts, I should probably post more. That said, training is this week and I can’t promise how often I’ll be up to the task. I figure I might want to get one last post in before my 8am-9pm training days begin. Yeah, you read that correctly. So crazy! Yesterday was pretty relaxing. I got to hang out with Yoko-san, her mother and her father (both very kind) and we enjoyed a lovely “French” lunch together. Her father was so bold as to tell me not to eat very much so I don’t get fat, and ask me if I have any boyfriends (plural). Yoko-san said “Please don’t mind my father! He is so weird!” It was entertaining though, and that’s what counts! Continue reading


Your Placement is…. Pending!

Queen's Square and the Cosmo Clock 21 in Yokohama as seen from Google Maps

My company told me not to panic if I didn’t hear about placement until February 14th. Well, it’s now February 16th and still no word. I’m trying not to freak out but it is very, very hard. Everyday, I see people posting on the Facebook group for my company about where they got placed. Of course, most of them are getting placed where I want to be, in Kanagawa-ku. That’s making everything better. I already called to see what was happening, but of course, the answer was “they are behind.” Yes, but I am dying over here.

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