Hunkering Down

Matcha and ice cream latte

In an effort to shorten my posts, I should probably post more. That said, training is this week and I can’t promise how often I’ll be up to the task. I figure I might want to get one last post in before my 8am-9pm training days begin. Yeah, you read that correctly. So crazy! Yesterday was pretty relaxing. I got to hang out with Yoko-san, her mother and her father (both very kind) and we enjoyed a lovely “French” lunch together. Her father was so bold as to tell me not to eat very much so I don’t get fat, and ask me if I have any boyfriends (plural). Yoko-san said “Please don’t mind my father! He is so weird!” It was entertaining though, and that’s what counts!

For lunch I had a hamburger, which in Japan is more like a Salisbury steak. No bun, and soaked in a sauce of some sort. They asked me if I want bread or rice with my lunch. The funny part was they said “rice.” As in, it was said in English. I asked why this was done. It was explained that since we were in a French restaurant, they use the English word for rice. Huh. Interesting. I’ve noticed that here and there. They’ll prefer to use English words for terms they have a Japanese equivalent to. It just depends on the situation. Why? I don’t know. Everyday I learn new things

As I practice and re-learn my kanji, I realize that being an artist is going to make this a tad easier. Sometime glimpse kanjis and can replicate them from one look. It’s a pretty neat trick… when I get it right. Otherwise I look like an idiot. Thankfully, most kanjis are just pictures. There is only so much kanji I can handle in one day, though.

Room at training

Today involved a lot of waiting. I rode the bus to Narita, then to the hotel where training is held and then I had to wait more. I’ve been meeting a lot of fascinating people from around the world, though. That’s a definite plus. Most who are here have already lived in Japan for a short while. It seems I’m in a minority having only visited once before. It also seems that my conversational Japanese is considerably less than others. Fantastic! Now I feel doubly uneducated. While I’m trying not to be nervous about training, I have to admit that the next two weeks are big steps for me. I hope I can keep myself in one piece. I’m ready to be in Sakai-machi in my semi-furnished apartment.

If you don’t hear from me, just know that I am working very hard and trying to learn lots of great stuff.


2 thoughts on “Hunkering Down

  1. Woo~ Sounds like a busy week! Good luck!
    Since you’ve got conversational Japanese under your belt, I think after just getting used to talking with people and listening to people speak Japanese at their natural speed, you’ll get used to it and start impressing people far and wide 🙂

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