The Waiting Game

Strawberries at the Winter Park Farmer's Market last Saturday

I put my two-weeks in at my part-time just a few days ago. Now it’s getting serious! People keep asking what day I am leaving and usually their reaction is “Isn’t that in, like, two weeks?!” Yes. Your math is sound. How did this sneak up on anyone? I’m dying over here! It feels like time has stopped.

To pass the time, I’ve been doing a few things. First, as I mentioned before, I’ve been working through Python tutorials. Second, I’ve been working through Mass Effect 2. Third, I’ve been watching the Facebook news feed like they might take it down any day now. I feel uncomfortably close to people I barely know, now. The video-game playing should probably be my priority. Oh, I might want to try drawing one of these days, too. Continue reading