The Waiting Game

Strawberries at the Winter Park Farmer's Market last Saturday

I put my two-weeks in at my part-time just a few days ago. Now it’s getting serious! People keep asking what day I am leaving and usually their reaction is “Isn’t that in, like, two weeks?!” Yes. Your math is sound. How did this sneak up on anyone? I’m dying over here! It feels like time has stopped.

To pass the time, I’ve been doing a few things. First, as I mentioned before, I’ve been working through Python tutorials. Second, I’ve been working through Mass Effect 2. Third, I’ve been watching the Facebook news feed like they might take it down any day now. I feel uncomfortably close to people I barely know, now. The video-game playing should probably be my priority. Oh, I might want to try drawing one of these days, too.

Over the weekend, I went to (…drumroll) LEGOLAND Florida! It was pretty fun! For anyone over the age of 12, I would only suggest going if you are either taking kids or you absolutely love legos. The coasters are kind of kiddie (I rode all of them, of course). The best part was definitely Miniland U.S.A. where they have scale models of famous American landmarks. My favorite were the Florida landmarks. They had almost everything from Panama City Beach all the way to Key West. It was really cute. The space shuttle would launch from mini Nasa every 10 minutes.

I keep searching around the interwebs to find things I should stock up on to take to Japan. Apparently, they only have spray deodorant (like Axe). I don’t know about you, but that stuff never works! Well, it might make me smell nice for about an hour but on the antiperspirant side of things, it’s not any good. I’ve also heard that I need to bring over lots of toothpaste. Not to mention, I’ve decided that I am just going to pack a whole year’s worth of shampoo. No one there has super frizzy, curly hair. Long story short, there will be a tiny convenience store in my suitcase. This will certainly make for a humorous bag check.

I’ve also debated testing out my bag choices with a walk around my block. Of course, the neighbors might stare but I guess that would be better than regretting my suitcase choices while I am lugging them around Japan. Thanks to my snazzy new lego bag-tag from Legoland, I’ll certainly be traveling in style. Now, I just need to figure out how I am going to get into first-class on the Airbus 380A. You think I’m kidding!


5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

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  2. I love reading your blog posts! You’re such an energetic and lively person, you’ll probably be super popular in Japan o(*⌒O⌒)b
    The deodorant thing is quite true, all the stuff I use is from the states. But shampoo and toothpaste, I’ve been using Japanese brands without a problem. They also carry a lot of stateside stuff like Pantene or herbal essence.
    Are you bringing all your gaming stuff along too?

    • Thank you so much \(^.^)/ I will be bringing an Xbox 360, and I intend to buy a Ps3 and a Vita while over there. I can’t decide if I should ship my PC or not… It’s kind of pricey!

      Please keep in touch! It’s always good to find like-minded people near or far away! And thank you for the tips!

      • Is your PC a desktop..? If so.. you might be better off buying a netbook or something from a computer shop. They can get you English versions and they can go as cheap as $150 for a decent processor and a good amount of space. If you bring your PC, check for the plugs because you might need an adaptor (which is only a couple bucks). 🙂
        Yea, definitely! Good luck with all your prep stuff 😀

  3. I thought I replied earlier but.. I dunno, I guess it didn’t work? That’s what I get for working from my phone I guess :x..

    Anyway! I always love reading about peeps and their preps for trips abroad. It always reminds me of things I wish I’d done before I came to Japan too >_o;
    I don’t think you’ll need much in the lines of toothpaste and shampoo. Japan is really good when it comes to variety for those two, so you’ll be able to find brands like Pantene, Herbal Essence, or Colgate easily. Anything out of the mainstream though and I guess you might want to b.y.o. 🙂

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading through your posts! You seem like a really bright and bubbly person, so you’ll probably be pretty popular in Japan 😉
    And blow all the dudes’ socks of for playing video games. I RARELY meet any girls that game. Quite the travesty :/ Lol
    Take care!

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