German Beers, Vlogs and Nothing but Time

The King's Feast

I’m going to tell you honestly- I was putting off this post because I don’t have a whole lot to say. My life these days has been nothing shy of uneventful. That said, this weekend (aside from going to work) was pretty fun. My dad just finished another trip around the sun, and we decided to celebrate his birthday by going to the Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford. Translation: we went to a noisy, entertaining German beer garden where we ate lots of carbs and drank lots of them too. My favorite German drink is Radler (basically, a wheat beer mixed with Sprite). We ordered this monstrosity called the “King’s Feast.” Then, we each grabbed a plate and fought for all the best parts of the pile of mashed potatoes, spaetzle, sausages, pork and sauerkraut. Needless to say, I did well for myself. There was plenty of toasting and singing, also. Today we finished up the celebration with delicious homemade burgers and cake. I spent the last few days sewing the binding of a book to give my dad for his birthday. He once told me he would love to get back into writing haikus, so I made him a haiku book! I think he had a pretty good weekend.

Other than eating lots of sweets, it’s been a lot of same-old same-old. I managed to find an art project to be a part of and there is always my vlog to work on. On Wednesday, I spent just about 24 hours with one of my oldest, closest friends, who can be seen guest starring in my world-famous vlog tomorrow (VideoGameGeekTV channel on YouTube). Just for kicks, we even decided to play a few games and go shopping like the good old days.

It’s been really great catching up with friends before leaving. I finally bought my one-way to San Francisco. My official departure date is the morning of February 29th. Man, hard to believe it’s going to happen. For real this time. No going back! My flight to Japan departs from San Fran. Now, if they would just tell me where I am living…

In the meantime, I just keep dreaming and living 🙂


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