Here I Come, ‘Nam

By the time this posts, I’ll already be in Vietnam. Truthfully, I’ve done a ton of traveling as of late, and have many stories to share with you. That said, I’ve left for a 10 day excursion to Vietnam, and frankly, the plan is to avoid the internet at all cost. I’m even trying this rare thing called “not going on facebook.” I know, journey will be long and challenging. I can do it. 

When I mentioned that I planned to travel to Vietnam, a lot of people were like “why would you want to go there?” My answer is the same as always: “why not?” The way I see it, it’s a new country to dig my hands into and gather some amazing stories. Maybe a few photos here and there. I realize my country was once at war with Vietnam, but alas, I am never deterred. I might need to tape a Canadian flag to my bag to be safe, eh? (See what I did there?)

Regardless of domestic threats, I’m rather looking forward to it. It’s probably the most exotic place for me yet. (Does Mexico count?) Not to mention, I can just barely remember how to say “hello” and “thank you.” If the need arises for a bathroom, I’m in a bit of trouble. It’s the first country I truly won’t know the language in, too. I’m really excited to share all my misadventures in lost tourist land. Not to mention, after I return, I can talk about “when I was in ‘Nam.”

My travel companions will be the ever entertaining Becky the banana, Paul (a fellow ALT) and a yet-unknown-friend-of-Becky who responds to Sam. Or so I am told. He’s into photography, too. I’m glad because this means I won’t be the only one holding everyone back for the perfect photo-op.

Any-who. It’s a ten day trip that returns me to Japan on the 26th of August. Until then, stay classy, interwebs. Don’t miss me too much.


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