Things I’m Going to Miss: Part 2

Maybe you remember this post from before leaving for Japan. Well, time for an updated version. Being in Japan, I’ve learned a lot about what I actually really loved about America and Florida. That said, I’m about halfway done with my journey here, and I already know what I will miss from Japan. So, here’s three new lists: things I miss from home, things I decidedly don’t miss, and things I’m going to miss from Japan. 

Things I Miss From Home

  • I still miss 4Rivers BBQ. I miss real BBQ for that matter. 
  • Taco Bell
  • Disney World and Universal Studios
  • Western food and regional variety. If you eat at a “western style restaurant” it’s all caesar salads and spaghetti.
  • Being able to read/understand everything
  • Simple tasks like calling the phone company without a language barrier
  • Central heating
  • Healthy food options
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Victoria’s Secret (the undergarment stores here are not my thing)
  • Target
  • The spirit of Christmas
  • English speaking doctors
  • Paying with a credit card
  • Effective deodorant and toothpaste (I get it shipped to me!)
  • Peanut butter
  • Luna bars
  • Affordable gyms
  • Girls that run being a normal, everyday thing
  • Bookstores with chairs in them (the mindset here is buy it and get out)
  • Movies/ movie theaters (I can’t afford it here, and all the movies come out late)
  • Bed mattresses (I sleep on a futon)
  • My family, friends, and pets (obviously)

Things I Decidedly Don’t Miss

  • American drivers
  • Holiday madness
  • Huge portion sizes
  • Bad fashion
  • American convenience stores
  • “Screw you” attitude
  • Driving everywhere
  • Knowing what there is to see within 100 miles in every direction
  • Chain clothing stores (they exist here, but there is much more variety)

Things I Will Miss When I Leave Japan

  • Convenience stores and how you buy anything from them
  • Vending machines (it’s actually a bit love/hate)
  • Japanese food
  • “Think about others” attitude
  • My tiny, fuel-efficient car
  • All desserts here
  • Seasonal candies (especially kit-kat flavors)
  • 100yen stores
  • Warm drinks in stores and vending machines
  • Paying with my subway card (Suica)
  • Rotating sushi restaurants
  • Speaking Japanese
  • Shopping in Tokyo on weekends
  • Buying stuff I never knew I needed until I find it in the 100yen store
  • Everything I own being adorable
  • My students
  • Real green tea
  • Amazon.co.jp (it’s pretty amazing)
  • Second-hand clothing/game stores
  • Tsutaya (100yen 7 day DVD rentals!)
  • My favorite Harajuku Starbucks
  • Doing something new and exciting all the time
  • Festivals
  • Cherry blossom viewing
  • Loft (Target of Japan)

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