Color Me Rad 5K

552971_2449976965043_1368790045_nRecently, I joined team Pokemanz to “run” in the Color Me Rad 5K! Basically, as I said before, you start the race white, and end colorful! I mean, I did wear colorful socks to start, but they only got better as the race went on! For anyone thinking about doing this as a first 5K, I highly recommend it. It’s a very laid back event. No pressure what-so-ever. And who doesn’t like blindingly-bright chalk thrown at them while doing physical activities? No one. That’s who.

At the end of the race you’re presented with a bag of chalk and encouraged to join the rave going on just past the finish line. It’s an asthmatics worst nightmare, but wholly entertaining… for as long as you can stand the chalk particles. All in all, a really fun time!

To make things even better, my dad volunteered with the Bomb Squad to help out at the event and be my #1 fan, as usual! He said he wanted to throw paint at his daughter who came all the way from Japan. Thanks dad!

Here are some pictures from the adventure.


One thought on “Color Me Rad 5K

  1. Alex E. says:

    Oh that’s looks so fun !!! Back on April here in Chicago, there was a Rave Run 5K. Along the way it was lighted up in neon lights. Everybody wore glow sticks on them in whatever fashion they could think of.

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