Hopes, Dreams, & Airplanes

The beginning of 2016 is a marked one. This is the year I take my dreams by the reigns and yell “YA!”

Starting off on the interesting foot known as “unemployment.” We’ve been here before, remember? Decided to take my life in a new direction, filled with being more creative and traveling more. No better way to start that adventure off than on a remote island in the South Tasman sea! More about said island in the next post, promise.

So here we are, with the warm afternoon light motivating me as I sit perched on my brushed-steel, coffee shop seat. Fueled by a soy flat white and an ever diminishing savings account, I’m furiously organizing ducks into something that resembles a row.

My father was a writer and my mother is an artist. I was born into a world of creative expression, one I didn’t fully appreciate until I let the seat get cold. No matter how many tools of the trade I bought, it never seemed to actually translate to experience or anything resembling a portfolio. I don’t know of a situation more motivating that a lack of income. Here we are! It’s nice to be here.

I have ideas about how I’m going to tackle this, many of which cause people to raise an eyebrow (or two) at me. Well, I’ve never been one for being normal, so I guess we’re off to a great start. I promise to cut the vague as soon as I’ve convinced myself what I’m attempting makes sense.

In the meantime, I’ve got some traveling! Reprioritizing my interests, I hope to fill this blog space with more information about traveling, running, design, games, tech, and more. If any of those interest you, stick around.

Here is the agenda for the start of the year based on plane tickets (subject to change):

Lord Howe Island, Australia > Sydney, Australia > Orange County, CA > San Francisco, CA > Portland, OR > San Francisco, CA > Sydney, Australia > San Francisco, CA > Orange County, CA > Dallas, TX > Orlando FL > Boston, MA just in time for PAX East in April!

Buckle up, buttercups.

Here is a random link on Google’s Material Design for you, courtesy of Hugh (re-appearing guest on this blog).



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