Summer Days: Sydney, Australia

Summer in Australia announces it’s presence as a warm breeze that wafts lazily into the family room while you’re enjoying Pavlova and a cold, Australian white. Unlike Florida summers, often overwhelming in nature, Australian summers are like a warm security blanket. With them come all the perks one would expect to find in the warmest part of the year; Lazing around on beaches, eating mangos, getting sunburns.


Goanna basking in the sun

The first time I laid eyes on the coast in Sydney, I was shocked. If you’re familiar with Laguna Beach, you’ll understand the topography to a degree. Towering cliffs cut away sharply to reveal pristine, golden beaches with deep teal oceans. The Bondi to Tamarama Coastal walk is probably the best starting point as a visitor to seeing some of the most breathtaking scenery Sydney has to offer. While you’re out, a stop at the nearest coffee shop will give you the local experience.



Looking out towards Manly and more Northern Beaches

In contrast, the beaches I grew up with in Florida were beautiful white stretches of coast that could be seen, uninterrupted for miles on either side of you. The ocean was a sapphire color, with moderately sized waves and rolling dunes on the beach peripherals. But it was a different atmosphere. Whereas in FL, we had to drive 45 minutes to reach the nearest beach, in Sydney, you can simply leave the house (barefoot) and drive under 20 minutes to something stunning.



Seeing the rugged, expressive coastline of this new city was a whole new experience for me. Cockatoos soar past as we drive through the gum trees up to the Northern Beaches, with palm trees scattering shadows around, floating on the sea breeze.  Now, I fully understand why Australians are so enamored with summer.


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