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Shopping Spree in Tokyo

We finally got paid. What was the first thing we did? Karaoke, then shopping in Harajuku and Shibuya. Obviously.

I bought some much needed work clothes… and some play clothes too. Our friend Kris (remember him?) showed us the back alleys of Harajuku. It’s off the beaten path, with plenty of affordable, often more fashionable shops. Some of them carry second-hand items, but you would never know it. The Japanese are known for a) shopping a lot and b) taking really good care of their clothes. Most of the second-hand stores had items I would still consider new.

Aside from playing in Tokyo, we also enjoyed a night of nomihodai Karaoke. In other words, two hours to drink as much as you can and sing your heart out! It was a blast. We definitely drank our share, and I remember at one point ordering 12 drinks for the room. There was only 5 of us in there…

On Sunday, we visited Koga’s Navel Park to enjoy a picnic breakfast and some photography. The rest of the group had places to be, but I was too antsy to stay in Koga, so I joined Kris and Kate (both from Kamagaya) in Yoyogi park and Tokyu Plaza in Shibuya. Remember that rooftop Starbucks? I’ve already returned 3 times.

Other than partying on the weekends, it’s been work as usual! The days are warming up, and the weather is becoming stickier with each passing day. It gets more and more like Florida.

In other amazing news, I literally just booked a flight to Vietnam for 10 days this summer. We are backpacking. I never even considered going there, but it’s apparently very beautiful and cheap! I’m excited!

That’s all for now!


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