6,000 Miles of Thanks

I woke up this morning in one frame of mind: today is Thanksgiving.

This is obvious for those in the states but from 6,000 miles away, I have to work at remembering it/ feeling it. So, in an effort to embody the true spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s my list of things I’m thankful for. I promise to throw a few sidewinders in.

Living in Japan
My family
That I am able to run
Ice cream
Dark chocolate
Rock climbing
Having a job and supporting myself
Having good friends near and afar
Having an adventurous spirit
My technology (iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc)
Video games
Knowing a second language (somewhat)
Fluffy blankets
Matcha lattes with soy
Good books
Bobby pins
Peanut butter
Online shopping
Health (mostly)
Facebook (don’t judge)
Coffee (that reminds me…)
Fluent in English
Letters from friends
Vending machines
8tracks app

That’s what I’ve got for now. Most of us are thankful for the obvious (family, friends, etc.) but what are the little things that you’re thankful for? Those too deserve recognition on this fine holiday.

Here’s to you, Xbox.


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