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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Kurisumasu

Japan does Kurisumasu (Christmas) very similarly to the west. Most importantly, they decorate for it. Of course, houses won’t put up Christmas lights (typically) but most major shopping/sightseeing areas put up special decorations.

All the shops are decorated and sell special Christmas merchandise, to boot. If you can imagine the fine, adorable quality of Japanese stuff, it’s like a Christmas shop-a-holic’s heaven.

All over Tokyo, special “illumination festivals” are held during December, and Disney goes all out, too. I’ve taken it upon myself to personally find all of them in the greater Tokyo area.

Tokyo Disney Sea

So far, I’ve seen the lights on Omotesando in Harajuku, near the Tokyo station, at the Sky Tree, and in Disney. So much left to conquer. But one thing is for sure, they know how to make me feel like it really is Christmas.

I’ve started listening to Christmas music and even put up a tiny tree on my table. Oh yes, it’s definitely beginning to look like kurisumasu.

Look forward to the random photo collections I’ll post regularly of my findings.


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