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Japan + Disney Stuff = Love

These are all different hats modeled by Kris

I grew up with Disney world in my backyard and I went nearly every weekend for the first 9 years of my life. I’m serious. Thanks to being raised by a family in the media business, I enjoyed so many theme parks by the time I was 9, I actually didn’t want to go to Disney. Nowadays, of course, I’m a die-hard fan who can’t get enough Disney.

That said, if there is one thing that stands out to me as insanely different from the American Disney’s, it’s the merchandise. 

It’s tailored for the Japanse market who like one thing in their items: kawaii (cute). Everything is almost a kawaii overload. For the most part, it’s the school supplies, hair and cellphone accessories, home goods, and omiyage (souvenir treat boxes for family, friends, or co-workers) that they really get into.

Last weekend at Tokyo Disney Sea, I got to sport my fuzzy winter Stitch hat at the park. I fit right in. Girls and guys alike will walk around the park wearing ears, special shirts, capes, bags, etc. covered in Disney kawaii items. In fact, you’re in the minority if you’re not wearing at least something to show your Disney spirit. Of course, I have no problem with jumping on this band wagon.

Like Disney? Check out my comparison between Tokyo Disney Land and Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

See? 50% gave into the marketing ploy.


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