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Kurisumasu 2

Tokyu PlazaLast night, while shopping for survival clothes (a.k.a. sweaters for my Florida wardrobe) I got to see Harajuku officially all lit up for Christmas. The top of Tokyu Plaza, at my favorite Starbucks in Tokyo, is a huge Disney-themed light display out on the deck! It’s an amazing addition to an already amazing location! There were little disney characters everywhere too, so I hunted for Stitch, the Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan. (Success) 

Stitch! Peter! Ariel!

Near Top ShopAll around Omotesando, trees, bushes, buildings, etc. were blanketed in lights. It seemed less like an organized display and more like something each store kinda put up. None-the-less, I enjoyed it.

Of course, I’ve heard that Odaiba has an illumination set up. I know what I’m doing next thursday!


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