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Jess, the Mountaineer

From the top, 360 view

From the top, 360 view

Having grown up in Florida, I’ve never in my life climbed as frequently as I do here. For obvious reasons. I’ve come to realize how much I really love it! Since coming here, I go hiking at least once a month, if not more. Who knew Japan would make a mountaineer out of this beach bum. 

Here’s a few pictures from a Saturday climb at Fukuroda Falls.

Along the route was the most spectacular, giant golden tree I’ve ever seen. It was surrounded by markers, an obviously sacred spot. The forest floor was covered in yellow leaves and if you looked up, it was a mass of shining yellow canopy. My friends and I always discuss the possibility of getting spirited away in this forest as it is definitely one of the more magical locations I’ve visited in Japan.

We followed up the climb with Citrus-miso rice-dough balls and grilled wild fowl on a stick. Odd, but a good way to finish off a good climb.


4 thoughts on “Jess, the Mountaineer

  1. Yasuhiro Nakatani says:

    Another Japanese word. The spirit which is believed to stay in a tree is called 木霊 (kodama, literally tree spirit) or the tree with the spirit itself is “kodama”. An echo you can hear in a mountain or a valley is also called “kodama” and a long time ago people thought that it was caused by 木霊.

    • They were delicious!

      And I used an app called “photosynth” by Microsoft for iPhone and Android (I use an iPhone 4S). It’s reaaaally cool! Stitches pictures to make 360 dome views. This is the flattened version.

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