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Just One of Those Days

DrivingYesterday, a group of friends and I decided to take a trip two hours north to our nearest ski slope, Hunter Mountain. As we drove, we noticed bad weather was moving in, but decided to give it a try regardless. Up in the mountain pass, my little car wasn’t cutting it, so we took a cab the rest of the way. This should have been our first sign.

We had an awesome time skiing, despite the bad visibility and somewhat icy slopes. Around lunchtime we saw friends posting pictures of our home towns further south covered in snow. Our second sign. 

Top of HunterThe weather reports had called for heavy rain. This turned out to be 6 inches of snow nearly all across Eastern Japan. My area in particular can barely keep snow on the ground. Needless to say we began to get worried.

Driving back was slow-going, and we we’ren’t allowed on the high-speed toll road for lack of chains on our tires. In the time it took to drive home, many of the train lines leading into Tokyo shut due to the storm. One in the group didn’t have a way to get home, so I offered to drive him back home.

Bad idea.

The later it got, the icier it got. I did grow up in Florida, but this wasn’t my first time driving in snow/ice, so I was being very cautious. Sadly, that wasn’t enough. After running up onto a curb after losing control, my car drove another 200ft before giving up the ghost.

After a series of phone calls and a tremendous amount of help from friends, we managed to get the police, a tow truck, and a taxi to my friends nearby town (we were only 20 min away!).

I decided to be a trooper, and despite getting in at 2am, was going to attempt to make it into my city for school in the morning by leaving at 5am. This, of course, was ruined when I realized my wallet was missing.



Long story (not so) short. I didn’t make it into work, and spent most of the day stranded in Chiba prefecture, 2 hrs south of home. On the up-side, a local ALT in this city was also in a predicament and never made it to school. So, what else is there to do on a day like this? Make avocado and salami egg mcmuffins with a tea latte, of course.

It just seemed to be one thing after another. It eventually got to the point where I was too tired to react in any way other than laughter. But, thankfully, with the help of friends and my company, things are working out. Someone even turned in my wallet with all it’s contents to the police station!

This eventful day just seemed to be another mystery of snow. Or rather, one of it’s giant inconveniences.

C’est la vie. 


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