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My Magical Mira

MiraAs many of you read, I crashed my car last Monday in the big snow storm. Thankfully, I’ve been given a substitute car while my little Suzuki is in the shop. Another ALT in town, Lauren, has her car in the shop. She now has a substitute car, too. I got to see her car before seeing mine.

To give you an idea, it’s a really modern, light-weight car with blue dash lights, round handles, and one of those fancy keys that isn’t a key but it starts the car anyways. Needless to say, I was under the impression I too would get a nice, sleek car.


InsideIn all honesty, she’s got style. But. I can feel the engine working hard while she idles. She smells like she’s been around for a bit. She’s missing some paint off the top. Among other things.

I’m glad to have transportation at this point and my little Mira has enough personality for the two of us. I just really need to remember to wear my aviators.


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