The Foreseeable Plan

With a six day work week and a slew of “big girl” documents that need to be taken care of, I’ve been nothing shy of busy. To add to the pile, it’s 8 weeks left here in Ibaraki meaning it’s time to take a look at that Life Plan. So far, I’m still not 100% sure what is going on, but I’ve bought a few plane tickets so I know at least that much. So here it is, my current, temporary, tentative, foreseeable plan.

March 22nd- Closing Ceremonies at school.

March 23rd- Make sure I’m completely moved out of my apartment and on an evening plane to San Francisco (Singapore airlines again!)

March 25th- Volunteer work as at the Game Developers Conference starts! (See you there?)

March 27th- My little sis flies into San Fran for a week of birthday fun!

April 3rd- Arrive in sunny Orlando, Florida, USA.

April 3rd – 18th- Visit doctors, hairstylists, Mexican restaurants, and friends in Florida.

April 19th- Return to Tokyo to begin studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam.

July 8th- Take the JLPT.

July 9th – September 7th (tentative dates) – Move down through the southern islands of Japan, catch a boat to China. Backpack throughout China (and Hong Kong) for 3 weeks. Cross over into Laos, then Cambodia for Angkor Wat. Finally, I’ll catch up with my cousin in Thailand before going with her through Malaysia and Singapore, with a final destination of Bali.

Then, it’s back to the good ole U S of A to start working in my industry. Maybe. Hopefully.

I really hope I can do all this! Before leaving in March I’ll also have two four day weekends of travel! Once to the Snow Festival in Hokkaido, and then to South Korea. Time is about to go into warp-speed.

Wanna join me for travel in SE Asia? The more the merrier!


One thought on “The Foreseeable Plan

  1. Shane Meyer says:

    How the heck do you plan these backpacking trips? How do you estimate everything? How much does it cost? How do you prepare?

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