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A Little Mexico in Tokyo

Mexican in Japan

Props to Taiki for always remembering to take pictures!

After a long day of on-going training on Saturday, a group of us decided to stay to play in Tokyo for a little bit. We shopped in Ginza and quickly visited the Apple store, then headed to Tokyo station to try out a Mexican restaurant and celebrate Taiki’s 21st!

I’ve eaten Mexican food in Japan before and it’s all been less than impressive. I realize now that it’s a very American thing. Well, for obvious reasons, it’s Mexican too. You know what I mean.

So, my hopes were high, but my fears were that it would be same old “Japan mexican.” 

The manager was Mexican. Bingo. The guy making guacamole was Mexican. Bingo. The menu had burritos and chimichangas. Bingo.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any western-style restaurant in Japan that much. Completely the highlight to my weekend.

Of course, for Taiki’s birthday, they sang and everything. It was definitely a fiesta.


4 thoughts on “A Little Mexico in Tokyo

    • The previous mexican food I’d eat was essentially Mexican food with a Japanese twist… so the guac only included the most basic ingredients, it was somewhat bland and the most adventurous thing on the menu was a shrimp taco. It’s hard to explain, but it was lacking as “authentic!”

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