Recently I have been working on a few videos:

This is a video from Spiel in Essen, Germany 2011 and BoardGameGeek Con in Dallas, Texas 2011. Hosted by yours truly! All other credit goes to (mostly) a certain Lincoln Damerst (my cousin)! Special thanks to Aldie of BoardGameGeek fame, big boss producer!

All Things Geek episode 2

Next is my very own Vlog! January edition. I ramble about video games, comics, movies and so on.

January VideoGameGeek Vlog

Other than the above exciting videos, it’s been a lot of sitting on the computer and shopping for clothes to wear in my new job. It’s really not as great at it sounds. For one, I am broke, and second, I am bored. It’s an odd existence. In other news, I don’t work next Saturday! I’ll be going to LegoLand, if all goes as planned.

I tried to get my sister to watch the Matrix today (I’ll admit, I’m hooked) but she wasn’t interested. It was sad for me. Although I have been inspire by the franchise so maybe I will do some art this week!

I’m trying to get my hands on my last W2 so I can begin my taxes but I haven’t received it yet! This is very frustrating, as I hate doing my taxes and I would like to get them over with. fun fact: you pay federal taxes while working abroad. Did not know that. So there is something to look forward to for next tax season.

As I am preparing for San Fransisco, I am trying to think of interesting things to do while I am there. If you are from San Fran, or know the area, please post ideas for me!

Other than all that, I’m spent! Nothing else new to report, yet. Ta!


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