Kurisumasu 4 – German Town

写真 H.24-12-16 18 34 36Sunday, after an long night of partying, we dragged ourselves out of the house just in time for the sun to set and the illuminations in German Town to switch on.

This was probably the biggest illumination display I’ve seen outside of Disney World’s Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights. In someways, it was better because it didn’t look like lights we’re just thrown willy-nilly over everything. The ground was blanketed in a mural of lights showing rainbows, hot air balloons, turtles, octopi… you know, the usual. 

At the cute “German” village, there was a bread shop, restaurant serving German sausages and of course, a bubble-maker filling bubbles with fog. It was way stranger/cooler than it sounds in text.

Considering this is a free event, I highly recommend it to my local Tokyo dwellers! It’s a bit out there in Chiba, but worth the trip (and the bus ride).


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