Let it Snow

white christmasBright and early Saturday morning, I’ll rise to the first day of winter vacation. Actually, the plan is to pull an all-nighter at the airport, but let’s imagine, shall we? Regardless of starting position, I’m stoked. Somehow, I’m more excited about winter vacation that I was about summer vacation. This might be because this Florida girl is gonna have a white Christmas. Of course, I’ve lived in both Vermont and Colorado, but snow is still a magical thing to me.

(Those of you who grew up with snowy winters, I can hear you laughing) 

Either way, I think I can handle 8 days. I bought some impressively thick socks made with this strange material known as “wool.” I tried to buy a snowboard, but after a series of humorous events, it didn’t happen. I’ve got some pretty snazzy boots, however. Pure white, mint laces. Oh yea. I’m ready to shred some pow. Or whatever the kids say these days.

Purely for the entertainment of you snowbirds flocking to Florida as I type, here’s how we Floridians imagine snow.

Oh, I truly can’t wait.


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