Flu Battlezone

All who come near, be warned.

All who come near, be warned.

Every year in the states my friends, family, etc. get flu shots. Every year, I turn up my flu-resilient nose at them and refuse shots or even daily cautions. I’m a snob about growing up on orange juice and having the immune system of an alligator (google it). Typical Floridian, the flu isn’t a huge deal for us as we have warm weather and enough vitamin C to cure scurvy and have enough left over to make juice.

And then I experienced flu season in Japan. 

Now, I’m terrified, shaking in my figurative flip-flops.

One of my schools has already forced the entire 8th grade to stay home for two days thanks to 14 kids coming down with it. Everyday, no less than 4 students are absent from each class, and those present are all wearing masks.

Just to add to the tension, every now and then, the secretary will answer the phone, only to say “yes, Ok, yes, yes, take care.” Then, turn slowly to the vice principle and say “It seems so-and-so-sensei has the flu.” They then discuss the layout of the teacher’s room and that desk’s proximity to other teachers.

My teachers tell me to “take care” daily so I don’t get the flu. My company has warned me that if diagnosed, I’m face with a forced 5 days off school. It’s serious business. I brought vitamins from home that, up until recently, I take only when I can remember. Now, I’ll turn my car around if I forget.

Armed with vitamins, lemon water, frequent hand-washing, and regular exercise, I will not let the flu get me.


3 thoughts on “Flu Battlezone

    • I love that Japan is so forgiving for people who get the flu. Here in Montreal, people continue to slog through their days for fear of judgement, contaminating all of us right left and center(without even a face mask!). Consequently, most of us get sick at least twice a year 😦

  1. Shane Meyer says:

    The flu shot is a conspiracy, not only do they push them all year round here now, I saw on a drug store sign that they were giving away free drinks and food with the agreement to take a flu shot. It’s creepin me out man.

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