DeparturesSo sorry for the lack of posting. I handed off my internet to a friend in my last two weeks at work, and I just couldn’t bring myself to post at dial-up speed.

Luckily, not a whole lot has happened. By that I mean the following:

A good friend of mine, Kate (from Across The Sea blog) was the parade queen in the Tokyo St. Patricks day parade! I know a real-life celebrity! The day before the parade was a fancy-pants lunch at the Park Hyatt Tokyo with the most amazing appetizer/dessert buffet I’ve seen in a long time. The view was breath-taking, as usual. After our snazzy lunch was a farewell party for those leaving at a local izakaya. 

Then, the following two weeks were spent packing up my tiny apartment and finishing at school.

One of my schools had a special farewell meeting for the whole school where they said nice things, sang, and gave me flowers. I’m not the crying type… but, well, I cried. It was weird.

The other school spent nearly the whole week giving me personal goodbye messages from nearly all of the students and teachers.

I’m not gonna lie, amidst all the goodbyes, I can’t help but wonder if I coulda done another year. It was really hard to say goodbye for what might be the last time. Although, I had such an amazing year, I’m almost afraid to continue at the risk that it just wouldn’t be the same.

But more on that later.

As it is now, I’m sitting in LAX waiting for a connecting flight to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. See you there? I’m beyond excited but a bit overwhelmed right now, namely at the sheer volume people speak at and the size of the bagels at Starbucks.

Welcome home.


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