Game Developer’s Conference ’13

gdc13_logoEvery year I attend this conference called the Game Developer’s Conference. Basically, it’s a great chance to learn about the latest and greatest techniques in game dev, as well as drink– I mean network– with as many people as possible. The week is normally the “shortest” week of the entire year for me, and I can never see everyone I wanted to. For those of you I said “Hey! Let’s hang!” to and never got the chance, I’m sorry!! But I’ll be back in the bay area in June, so no sweat. 

I always argue that the gamers really like to have fun, and GDC always proves that. We’re not all socially inept and stuck to our computer chairs. OK, OK, so I’m a bit like that, but I know how to have fun in the right situation! Moral of the story: gamers are big kids who can drink liquor. Put us all in one place for a whole week and the result is parties with free food, drinks, and video games. My idea of what heaven looks like.

Yeti Zen

Gamer friends

Not to mention, in my opinion, gamers are the best kind of people. Most of us were not exactly the cool kids in school, so I never feel the need to hide my nerdy-girl side. In fact, they, more than most, just want me to be myself. They just want to have fun, like me.

Anyways, tomorrow, comes the next leg of the journey: Florida. Hello sunshine.


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